• Research Articles by various Business Heads
  • Quick facts and key details of a sector in a capsule
  • Hand-picked business and economy stories by industry and sector
  • Learning kit for the Market Research Industry


Feedback Resource Centre is an internal portal of Feedback Business Consulting. This portal consists of easy access and use of scientifically researched resources comprising of Research articles by various Business Heads, Sector reports apart from curated news.

Under the Collection, we have:

  • Articles - Research Articles by various Business Heads
  • Sector Reports - Quick facts and key details of a sector in a capsule covering salient features
  • Curated News - Hand-picked business and economy stories by industry and sector

Under the Databases section, we have:

  • Respondent Database - Collated database of Respondent's contact details from the Primary Interviews conducted during the past studies
  • Archive Report Listing - List of the past studies/projects that Feedback has done for various clients during the past 20 years.

Under the Knowledge Centre section, we have:

  • Anchor Level Training - Training series for the Project Anchors
  • Learning - Basics - A Beginners Learning kit for the Market Research Industry
  • Frameworks - Feedback's own Frameworks for various studies that evolved over the time
  • Credentials - Decks on Credentials (Types of Studies we did/could do in various industries)
  • Templates - Project Plan template which could be used in Planning & execution of the project
  • Terms of Reference

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Content on FRC is:

  1. Extensively researched

    The content in our reports, scans and snapshots are a result of extensive research and curation. They are written with inputs by Industry Stalwarts and Research Experts in their Sector.

    The data can easily be added to your reports, analysis, workbench, and to help validate thoughts, processes, actions and decisions; and to better one’s understanding of the space.

  2. Scientifically collected

    All the resources are collected and analyzed using scientifically sound methodology and tools

  3. Constantly increasing

    The repository of reports, scans and snapshots are continuously increasing as the FRC team brings more areas under its fold.

  4. Accessible on the go

    All the content on an active subscription is easy to access, read or download across multiple devices such as mobile phones, tablets or computers.

Research is critical to each and every process in all aspects of our working life. Business and education leverage the resources that can provide keen insights to industry and sector to help with decision making or just get a better understanding of a particular topic. A well-researched report saves you many hours of search, sorting and analysis time.


An active subscription to Feedback Resource Centre provides the following:

  • Access to syndicated reports across industries and sector, Industry Scans, Sector Snapshots, Daily Sector wise curated news.
  • Continuous addition of new syndicated reports, industry reports and sector snapshots
  • Unlimited access of resources for up to 100 students and faculty at a time
  • Reports can be accessed and downloaded from anywhere